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Design a Mosquito Misting System With Ease

Posted by Greg Faulk on

So you went to your neighbors house or maybe you saw one of the systems at a Home & Garden show at the George R. Brown?  It doesn't really matter does it?  What matters is that you want this system in your yard and to be able to enjoy the back yard this summer.  Well to do that you need to design and install a mosquito misting system and do it right. 

Can you do it?  But of course you can why wouldn't you be able to.  It's not rocket science and a few simple best practices you will be fine.

Step 1.  Draw your property out on paper and take down some measurements.

Step 2.  Decide where you're equipment will go.  Keep in mind you must be close to water,  power and electricity.

Step 3.  Use your measurements to space your nozzle count out evenly.  You want to install  the nozzles around the perimeter of the property and also have some nozzles in      landscape beds within.

Step 4.  Count your nozzles and decide which kit is best for you.  If you want help just ask.


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