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Onslaught - 1 pt

Onslaught - 1 pt


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Onslaught - 1 pt

Exterior perimeter treatments to control: Ants Fleas Flies Mosquitoes Scorpions Spiders Ticks Boxelder Bugs Asian Lady Beetles and other problem pests.

Use in residential and commercial facilities to control problem plant pests: Aphids  Armyworms Beetles Plant Bugs Flies Weevils and others.

   Apply as:
 - Foliar Spray
 - Broadcast Surface Spray
 - In Mosquito Breeding Sites

Dairy and Poultry Livestock Use in Barns - Cow and Calf Pens Hutches Dairy Barns  Milk Rooms Hog Barns Horse Barns Sheep Barns Poultry House and Rabbit Hutches. Will give an effective knockdown- kill- and residual control of flying crawling and biting insects.

Treat Outer Perimeters and Interior Surfaces Such as:

  •  Floors - Windows and Doors
  • Cage Framing  Around Feeders
  • Vertical and Overhead Surfaces


 EPA Reg. No. 1021-1815
 EPA Est No. 1021-MN_2

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