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Bio Mop Plus 1 Gallon

Bio Mop Plus 1 Gallon

American Bio Systems

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Bio-Mop - 1 Gallon

Type:  Liquid

Bacterial Formulation for General Cleaning and Removal of Organic Material

Restaurants and other food preparation facilities often experience sanitation problems associated with the buildup of kitchen grease (organic waste) on floors in drains and under heavy equipment. These problems include fruit and drain fly infestations, slippery floor surfaces, foul odors and clogged (slow) drains. Mopping or hosing/power washing with standard floor cleaning products does not remove grease and organic waste and it only breaks it up pushing it into drains and under equipment where it builds up over time.

New formula BioMop Plus is specifically designed for cleaning restaurants and commercial kitchen floors, hard-to-access corners, and drains. BioMop Plus combines patent-pending surfactants for immediate cleaning and a proprietary blend of concentrated bioenzymatic actives for degrading the most resistant grease molecules the long-chain fatty acids. Each application of BioMop Plus removes layers of embedded soil and grease. Regular use prevents food and grease waste build-up reduces slippery floor surfaces maintains a floor that is deep-clean and odor-free and reduces organic material buildup in drains.

BioMop Plus can be applied by mopping or hosing. To apply by hosing use the BioMop Hose End Sprayer (for smaller facilities) or the wall-mounted BioMop Application System (for larger facilities).

BioMop Plus can also be foamed with excellent results.

 EPA reg no. n/a
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