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Shockwave - 1 gal

Shockwave - 1 gal


  • $112.95

Shockwave - 1 gal

Shockwave® has five active ingredients that makes it ideal as a CLEAN-OUT solution for tough situations and hard to kill insects.

Flushing action and quick knockdown plus residual activity.

  • Contains NyGuard IGR to break the reproductive life cycle of listed pests.
  • For use in food areas and non-food areas

 Angoumois Grain Moth  Anobiid Beetles  Ants Bed Bugs Hoppers Cicadas Aphids Etc.  Beetles  Black flies Bostrichid Beetles  Butterflies & Moths Casemaking Clothes Moth  Cheese mite  Clover Mite Cockroaches  Crickets Grasshoppers Mantids Walking Sticks Dark-Winged Fungus Gnats  Darkling Beetles  Deer Flies Dermestid Beetles  Drain fly  Earwigs  Flat Grain Beetles Fungus Gnats  Hard Ticks  Hide Beetles / Leather Beetles Horse Flies  Indian Meal Moth  Khapra Beetle  Leaf Beetles Mediterranean Flour Moth  Midges  Millipedes  Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Gnats Flies  Moths  Muscid Flies Paper Mason & Potter wasps  Pomace or Vinegar Flies Sap or Picnic Beetles  Scentless Plant Bugs  Snout Moths Spiders Ticks Mites Scorpions  Ticks  True Spiders Warehouse Beetle  Wasps  Webbing Clothes Moth  Weevils Yellow Jackets

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