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2018 New Website

(March 24, 2018 Update) Well our new website is a huge success. Customers that have stopped by our new website love the new look and feel. The checkout process is much easier and more responsive. The text messaging updates allow our customers to know when there package is sent and if there are any updates Thanks to everyone that participated in the testing.

We will be offering:

  • Text Message Updates
  • Facebook Messenger via Messenger
  • Misting System Design
  • System Support

This list is just a few of the improvements that we plan on offering our customers this season. If you have a question or suggestion we are here to help and will try to help in the best way possible.

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As Always "Enjoy Your Day"

Hurricane Harvey

We may be located in Ohio but we are Houstonians just like some of you. We simply can not imagine what the flooding was like for Y'all. The areas of Houston that were known not to flood - flooded. That's just incredible.

This summer will be horrible for mosquitoes and we want to help provide you with the products necessary for control. If you have a backpack or pump up sprayer we have a product known as Talstar that can help provide relief. If you have some standing water that could use some mosquito dunks then we have those as well.

For the folks that have had their misting systems damaged in the floods, we can help you get the necessary parts to rebuild them and get them running again.

Here is a listing of products that are most likely helpful when rebuilding your misting system that may have been damaged by water.

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Let's Pause For A Moment Outdoors

Dining Outside

Set Up The Patio For Your Friends And Family. It's All About Making Memories

In some places, the ice and snow is close to being over with and folks are thinking about Spring. It's funny because just last week I told my wife that when the local gas station puts mulch pallets out I know its almost time. It's in that moment that I get excited about the new projects I'd like to start for our backyard. This year it will be tearing down our privacy fence and putting a new one up. The challenge with that is not what it's going to look like but how can I integrate our MistAway Nozzles in the fence. Not only do I enjoy watching our yard spray but I enjoy a quality installation of the misting system.

The next project will likely be breaking apart the current patio and either putting a paver patio down or stamped concrete patio. One that is much larger than the existing one and one that I can have the firepit not hang off the edge. Cookouts will be more enjoyable and have friends and family will also enjoy it more. What are your ideas and goals for this spring? If you don't have any let this paragraph be your starting point - so get to it.

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