Steri-Fab For Bed Bugs - 1 Gallon –
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Steri-Fab For Bed Bugs - 1 Gallon

Steri-Fab For Bed Bugs - 1 Gallon

Noble Pine Products

  • $32.25

Steri-Fab - 1 Gallon

Type: Liquid

Unlike any other product available in the U.S. and the World Sterifab kills Lice Bed Bugs Fleas Ticks and Dust Mites Bacteria Fungus Mold Mildew Viruses and Deodorizes. Dries in 15 - 20 minutes and leaves no residue. Used as is ... NO Dilution Required.

Steri-Fab is a fast-drying EPA-registered disinfectant capable of simultaneously killing fleas dust mites bed bugs and many other insects while also deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces.

Steri-Fab offers 11-way protection against insects germs and odors: viricide bactericide sanitizer fungicide-insecticide deodorant germicide disinfectant mildewcide.

Can be sprayed directly on most furniture lockers cabinets drawers carpets car interiors animal bedding/cages beds bus seats/ interiors hospital waiting room areas doctors offices police cars garbage bins etc.


 EPA reg no. 397-13

 EPA est no. 00397NY01

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